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MycoApply Endo Prime EA

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MycoApply is a biological product in a powder formulation that combines spores (seeds) of four species of mycorrhizal fungi. Each gram of MycoApply Endo Prime contains 22,500 propagules of the following four mycorrhizal species: Glomus intraradices, Glomus mosseae, Glomus aggregatum, and Glomus etunicatum. Additionally, MycoApply includes humic acid as a carrier, which also aids in nutrient uptake.

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MycoApply is a product that contains mycorrhizal fungi, and its mode of action involves establishing a symbiotic relationship with plant roots. Here’s how it benefits both the plant and the farmer:

How the Plant Benefits:

Extended Root Mass: When MycoApply is applied near the plant’s root, the mycorrhizal fungi germinate and attach to the plant roots. These fungi form an extensive network of hyphae that extends the root mass beyond what the normal plant root could reach. This extended root mass dramatically increases the surface area for nutrient and water uptake.

Increased Nutrient and Water Uptake: The hyphae of the mycorrhizal fungi help the plant by taking up water and nutrients available in the soil and making them accessible to the plant.

Improved Drought Tolerance: MycoApply can also store water within the root system, releasing it to the crop during drought conditions, thus enhancing the plant’s ability to tolerate and survive periods of water scarcity.

Better Overall Plant Health: The increased uptake of water and nutrients results in healthier and more vigorous plant growth.

Improved Fertilizer Use Efficiency: MycoApply can double nutrient uptake and unlock bound nutrients, such as phosphorus and zinc, making the plant more efficient in utilizing applied fertilizers.

Reduced Incidence of Soil-Borne Diseases: By colonizing the root zone, mycorrhizal fungi create a barrier that can deter invading disease-causing pathogens and nematodes, reducing the risk of soil-borne diseases.

Increased Plant Establishment and Survival: MycoApply can enhance plant establishment and survival rates during seeding or transplanting.

How the Farmer Benefits:

Increased Yields: MycoApply is known to increase crop yields by at least 15-20%, contributing to higher farm productivity.

Improved Crop Quality: It can enhance the quality of produce, such as increasing berry weight in coffee and grain weight in cereals.

Drought Tolerance: MycoApply’s ability to improve drought tolerance enables crops to complete their production cycles even when moisture is scarce.

Efficient Use of Farm Inputs: By enhancing nutrient uptake and improving fertilizer use efficiency, MycoApply contributes to the efficient utilization of other farm inputs, including fertilizers.

Crops Applicable:

MycoApply is applicable to more than 95% of all agricultural crops.

Application Rate:

Rate of Myco : 1 gram to 2.5Kg of Maize seeds
Water volume : 80mls  (40mls of water per kg of seed)
Dry under shade for about 30 Minutes then plant


Rate of Myco : 1 gram to 5Kg of Bean seeds
Water volume : 150mls  (30mls of water per kg of seed)
Dry under shade for about 30 Minutes then plant.

  • For field crops: 4 grams per acre or 10 grams per hectare.
  • For tree crops (spacing below 3x3m): 1 gram to 100 trees.
  • For tree crops (spacing above 3x3m): 1 gram to 40 trees.

Application Methods:

MycoApply can be applied through various methods, including seed inoculation/dressing, dipping seedlings in a solution of MycoApply before transplanting, drenching planting holes/furrows, and drenching the root zone of on-field crops or trees with a solution of MycoApply.

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