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Category: Seeds

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    Original price was: KSh 1,250.00.Current price is: KSh 965.00.
    • Attractive green foliage
    • Highly pungent with finely cut foliage
    • Ready for picking within 30 days
    • Unique coriander flavour
    • Ideal for both local and export markets
    • Requires no transplanting
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    KSh 250.00KSh 350.00
    • Does well in most soils
    • High yielding vegetable
    • Highly nutritious
    • Very long harvesting period
    • maturity: 30 days
    • Easy to manage
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  • Sale! Maize H629 Highland is a high-yielding maize variety

    Maize H629 Highland (2kg)

    Original price was: KSh 450.00.Current price is: KSh 420.00.

    Maize H629 Highland is a high-yielding maize variety that is well adapted to high altitude areas in East Africa, particularly in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. This hybrid maize variety is known for its high yield potential, good disease resistance, and tolerance to drought and low soil fertility.

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  • Pumpkin Elgon Cream

    KSh 230.00KSh 440.00

    Pumpkin Elgon Cream are high-quality seeds, give more yields, and are resistant to diseases. Kenyan farmers practice pumpkin farming in Kenya due to its nutritional value. Pumpkins are planted from their seeds on a well-prepared farm. In Kenya, pumpkin seeds are sold at different prices depending on the variety and size as outlined herein.  

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  • Red Creole Onion

    KSh 1,800.00KSh 6,500.00

    Red Creole is a medium maturing, open-pollinated short day red onion. Red Creole is well adapted and very widely planted. The outer scale is dark red; the rings are tight and red right through to the centre of the bulb. The bulbs taste slightly pungent, are firm, with a granex shape. The bulbs are attractive and store well.

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  • RoseCoco Glp 2 2kg

    Original price was: KSh 750.00.Current price is: KSh 620.00.

    • Dwarf bean with flat pods
    • Prefers medium-altitude zones
    • Tolerant to common Bean diseases
    • Vigorous variety with high yields
    • Most Popular in the market

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    KSh 8,100.00KSh 33,360.00

    Russet F1 onion variety is a strong plant and matures early.

    Russet F1 onion bulbs are very firm, have red flesh color, and can be stored for 3-3.5 months.

    The variety has shown strong resistance to Pink root.

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  • SC Sungura 301 Maize Seed

    Original price was: KSh 590.00.Current price is: KSh 530.00.

    Sc Sungura 301 is an Ultra early maturing variety that takes 72-80 days to physical maturity. It is an excellent alternative to Sorghum and Millet cropping. This variety is tolerant to weather challenges, with wide regional adaptation under marginal conditions.

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    KSh 250.00
    Vendor:  KamauStore
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    • Partial sunlight (summer), full sunlight (winter)
    • Water everyday
    • Can grow on the balcony or terrace
    • Harvest in 4-5 weeks
    • All seasons
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