More and more farmers are getting influenced by how technology is helping them increase their crop productivity and thereby increasing their sales.

Many Online Marketplaces today have emerged ever since then. Here we discuss why the parties in produce business should choose Farmers Trend Virtual Agrovet marketplace.

Why Farmers Trend Virtual Agrovet Marketplace?

Farmers Trend is one such platform that has an online marketplace so that farmers can Buy or Sell Seeds, Fertilizers, tools, Vegetables, Farming Equipment and other Agricultural tools and products at the best price possible.

We at Farmers Trend have a vision to provide our users with real time and transparent input marketplace.

1. Supply and Demand Transparency

On the most important benefits of using our platform is that we provide our users with supply and demand transparency.

We provide buyers with the information about the producer, supplier, origin of the product, quantity, quality etc. which helps maintain trust and satisfaction amongst customers.

2. Helps in Increasing Farmer’s Revenue

Farmers still face exploitation as they don’t get the actual benefit for their produce they deserve, as the produce sells for double the amount when it reaches to its consumers.

Our virtual agrovet marketplace helps farmers directly connect with their consumer which helps them increase their revenue without any interference by the intermediary.

3. Expansion of buyer and seller Network

Our online marketplace has numerous amounts of buyers and sellers who connect with each other and build a wide network thereby creating more options for both.

Expanding the network thus helps them with their business opportunities.

4. Reduce Food Wastage

As farmers get to take advantage of supply and demand transparency, they also reduce food wastage. The immense number of buyers and affordable pricing give them the option to eliminate produce surplus.

How to Buy/Sell on Farmers Trend Virtual Agrovet Platform?

Here’s how it works –

  1. Register on our platform by choosing from various categories (Buyer/Seller/Transporter/Packaging) from Mobile or Desktop here.
  2. After aproval to sell, you will have your own dashboard and will have control of your shop as a vendor
  3. Take a picture of the product that you want to Sell and Post an Ad
  4. Make a Deals by having a chat/call with farmers and brokers
  5. Cashless Transactions can be performed.
  6. Rate each other after the deal and build your network.
  7. If you wish to Buy any product visit our marketplace.