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Nutrient deficiencies can greatly affect the performance and productivity of apple trees. When practicing organic farming, most of the fertilisers used are organic, although small amounts of chemical fertilisers are important. Apple trees require various micronutrients in high levels at different growth stages such as Calcium, Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, Sulphur, and Magnesium. Besides, they require small traces of micronutrients like Molybdenum, Iron, Cobalt, Silicon, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Sodium, Boron, and Chloride. Nitrogen is required in large amounts in the early stages and when the trees are growing vigorously. During the flowering and fruiting stage, NPK formulations with a high potassium percentage should be applied or sprayed.

Some indications of nutrient deficiencies in apple plants include:

• Slightly red leaves indicate lack of nitrogen.

• Yellow and green patches on fruits is an indication of potassium deficiency.

• Corky areas on apple fruits indicate boron deficiency.

• Curling backward of leaves is an indication of phosphorus deficiency.

• Deformed fruits.

The amount of fertilisers required by apple trees varies depending on the soil fertility, manure applied, and the growth stage. Several things can happen when incorrect amounts of fertilisers are applied.

For instance, excessive application of fertilisers makes the plants concentrate on producing a lot of shoots and leaves instead of fruits.

Failing to use fertilisers or applying extremely little fertilisers can lead to nutrient deficiencies, stunted growth, and poor health. Besides, the plants under-perform and their ability to fight pests and diseases reduces.

Know when to apply

• Fertilisers should be applied three times per year.

• The first application should be done before flowering.

• The second application should be made after flowering.

• The third application should be done a month later

However, in the early growth stages, and during vegetative growth, fertilisers can be applied at different times of the year depending on the nutrients required. Fertilisers should, however, be applied at controlled rates. Manure and other organic products should be applied regularly to keep the soil healthy and fertile.

Mulching, especially young plants, minimises the growth of weeds, enhances the soil texture, increases the organic matter, minimises water loss through evaporation, and increases soil micro-organisms.


    KSh 250.00KSh 350.00
    • Does well in most soils
    • High yielding vegetable
    • Highly nutritious
    • Very long harvesting period
    • maturity: 30 days
    • Easy to manage
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  • Masters Dairy Meal 70kg

    KSh 2,850.00

    A well balanced ration with high quality by pass protein sources. It is fortified with minerals, vitamins and traces elements for extra milk production. Contains yeasacc, a yeast culture that conditions the rumen for maximum milk yield

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  • Binastore Wheelbarrow

    KSh 4,200.00

    Shop for this Imported/Reliance Wheelbarrow on Kenya’s largest virtual agrovet online store. For All your Quality Assured Trusted Brands. Send goods upcountry, Affordably Conveniently. ORDER NOW for the Imported/Reliance Wheelbarrow and enjoy free delivery.

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    KSh 250.00
    Vendor:  KamauStore
    0 out of 5
    • Partial sunlight (summer), full sunlight (winter)
    • Water everyday
    • Can grow on the balcony or terrace
    • Harvest in 4-5 weeks
    • All seasons
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  • Fugo Dairy Meal

    KSh 1,350.00KSh 3,625.00

    FUGO DAIRY MEAL is specially formulated to meet the optimum nutrient requirements to boost milk production for dairy cows. It provides the cow with vitamins, energy and protein in a balanced way, so that the cow produces good milk and keeps a healthy body weight.

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  • Proline Puppy Food

    KSh 1,650.00

    3KG Fully balanced all natural puppy food with chicken protein plus brewer?s yeast and whey protein for immune support and omega -3 and -6 from flaxseed. Carefully formulated by cat / dog nutritionists to meet the nutritional requirements of growing puppies.

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  • Bedlam 200SL Pesticide 1L

    KSh 5,750.00

    Bedlam 200sl is a pesticide used to control bed bugs, cockroaches, dust mites, fleas, lice, ticks, and other insects. It is odorless, highly effective, and kills insects for many days after initial application. The prolonged residual action makes if particularly effective for hard-to-eliminate pests like bedbugs.

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  • Pumpkin Elgon Cream

    KSh 230.00KSh 440.00

    Pumpkin Elgon Cream are high-quality seeds, give more yields, and are resistant to diseases. Kenyan farmers practice pumpkin farming in Kenya due to its nutritional value. Pumpkins are planted from their seeds on a well-prepared farm. In Kenya, pumpkin seeds are sold at different prices depending on the variety and size as outlined herein.  

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  • Poultry chicken Feeder

    KSh 230.00KSh 700.00

    Installation is simple, easy to replenish and manage the chicken feed/water.Light in weight
    Keeps the feed/water clean for poultry consumption.Provision for hanging to keep it off the ground. Allows for interior visualization to see the level of feed

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  • Heavy Duty Gumboots

    KSh 2,530.00

    Injection molded construction for 100% waterproof protection. Flexible upper material stays supple in cold temperatures to make walking easier. Tougher and flexible outsole material for good abrasion resistance. Self cleaning outsole, spits out debris as you walk. Excellent for use in: construction, farming, agriculture and aquaculture.

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  • Sticky Traps 20 Pack

    KSh 6,250.00

    Sticky traps are glue-based traps which are frequently used in pest control to catch insects and other pests. The sticky traps consist of a sticky glue layer mounted on a piece of cardboard that is tailored into any structure to protect the sticky surface.

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  • Duduthrin

    KSh 2,720.00


    A contact insecticide for control of Diamond Back Moth and Aphids in Cabbages and Kales, sucking and chewing insects in Beans and tomatoes, aphids, thrips and whiteflies in roses, aphids in Wheat and Barley, Maize stalk borer and armyworms in Maize.

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