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Pumpkin Elgon Cream

KSh 230.00KSh 440.00

Pumpkin Elgon Cream are high-quality seeds, give more yields, and are resistant to diseases.

Kenyan farmers practice pumpkin farming in Kenya due to its nutritional value. Pumpkins are planted from their seeds on a well-prepared farm. In Kenya, pumpkin seeds are sold at different prices depending on the variety and size as outlined herein.

  • Grafted Hass Avocado Seedlings

    KSh 250.00

    Hass Avocado Seedlings have become a cornerstone of agricultural development in Kenya, playing a pivotal role in both economic growth and environmental sustainability. These seedlings, prized for their high-quality and creamy-textured avocados, have gained immense popularity among farmers and consumers alike. The resilient nature of the Hass variety, coupled with its ability to thrive in various climates, has turned it into a sought-after commodity. In Kenya, interested individuals can easily purchase Hass Avocado Seedlings to kickstart their own avocado orchards. To acquire these seedlings, one can reach out via phone at 0724559286. This initiative not only supports local farmers but also fosters a healthier dietary culture and contributes to the nation’s export sector, bolstering Kenya’s position in the global avocado market.

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  • Rake Complete With Handle

    KSh 485.00

    Shop for this Rake Complete With Handle on Kenya’s largest virtual agrovet online store. For All your Quality Assured Trusted Brands. . Send goods upcountry, Affordably Conveniently. ORDER NOW for the Rake Complete With Handle and enjoy free delivery

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    KSh 965.00
    • Attractive green foliage
    • Highly pungent with finely cut foliage
    • Ready for picking within 30 days
    • Unique coriander flavour
    • Ideal for both local and export markets
    • Requires no transplanting
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    KSh 250.00
    Vendor:  KamauStore
    0 out of 5
    • Partial sunlight (summer), full sunlight (winter)
    • Water everyday
    • Can grow on the balcony or terrace
    • Harvest in 4-5 weeks
    • All seasons
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    KSh 250.00KSh 350.00
    • Does well in most soils
    • High yielding vegetable
    • Highly nutritious
    • Very long harvesting period
    • maturity: 30 days
    • Easy to manage
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  • Actellic Super Insecticide

    KSh 2,520.00


    It is a broad spectrum insecticidal dust for the control of stored maize and small grain cereals pests, including control of Larger Grain Borer.

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  • Rotating Water Sprinkler

    KSh 880.00
    When the water valve is open, the nozzles of the two nozzles will have two waters at the same time. Due to the effect of water injection, the nozzle will automatically rotate 360 degrees. The nozzle range is pressure controlled.
    Optional 1/2 and 3/4 connector nozzles, and extended 1/2 adapter nozzles.
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  • Sale! Maize H629 Highland is a high-yielding maize variety

    Maize H629 Highland (2kg)

    KSh 420.00

    Maize H629 Highland is a high-yielding maize variety that is well adapted to high altitude areas in East Africa, particularly in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. This hybrid maize variety is known for its high yield potential, good disease resistance, and tolerance to drought and low soil fertility.

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  • Gam Chaff Cutter

    KSh 42,000.00KSh 65,000.00

    Quality Chaff CutterTwo Blade or Three Blade
    Hardened cutting Blade to withstand pressurePortable, high quality, ease of use, and high dependability

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  • Coopers Triatix Stock Spray

    KSh 107.00KSh 315.00

    Triatix EC is a highly effective ectoparaciticide used for the control of single and multi-host ticks, mange mites, keds, biting and sucking lice on cattle, sheep, goats, camels, pigs and dogs. Triatix is highly effective against strains of ticks that are resistant to pyrethroids and organophosphorus chemicals.

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  • Duduthrin

    KSh 2,720.00


    A contact insecticide for control of Diamond Back Moth and Aphids in Cabbages and Kales, sucking and chewing insects in Beans and tomatoes, aphids, thrips and whiteflies in roses, aphids in Wheat and Barley, Maize stalk borer and armyworms in Maize.

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  • Fugo Starter Crumbs

    KSh 1,100.00KSh 5,320.00

    Fast Gro Fugo Starter Crumbs: A complete meal for broiler chicks that provide proper bone development for faster and uniform growth as well as resistance to feed borne diseases while maintaining a high growth rate and feed conversion ratio.

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