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Online Agrovet Business In Kenya; 8 Q and A Before You Start!

Farmers Trend Online Agrovet Business In Kenya focuses on the business of selling through an online retail agrovet farm inputs like seeds, fertilizers, animal feeds, pesticides, herbicides, acaricides, knapsacks and other farm inputs directly to farmers.

Online Agrovet Business In Kenya; 8 Q and A

Lately there has been an upsurge of people doing farming as a business. Such farmers whether big or small are more professional thus use as much as of the necessary inputs throughout all stages of production. This has increased the demand for farm inputs and has attracted entrepreneurs to the agrovet business in Kenya.

Farm chemical companies have also become more aggressive in their marketing leading to the establishment of more distribution systems up to the grassroots level.

Companies use various distribution methods to get their products to the retailer.

In the first instance a company sells produce to a distributor, who is more of a super wholesaler. In some instances the distributor can only sell to wholesalers, while in others he can sell; to both wholesalers and retailers.

There are companies which don’t use exclusive distributors rather they sell to wholesalers who then sell to retailers. In some instance manufactures sell directly to retailers. This is more so for the smaller companies or when introducing new products.

Although farm input companies sometimes seek distributors by advertising in the public media, often distributors are appointed by virtue of volumes and cash at hand The exact requirements needed to become a wholesaler or distributor will vary from company to company.

There are those who ask for a security deposit of say Ksh. 1m to 5m, set minimum purchases at Kshs.500, 000 and so forth. Others will zone regions so that there are only a limited number of distributors within a certain area. There are also those who require distributors not to touch products from rival companies.

agrovet business in kenya

1. What are the requirements on starting an agrovet in Kenya?

With rise in demand for farm inputs, many people are venturing into the agrovet business.

The shops are among the most popular in various towns enabling farmers to easily access animal feeds, drugs and pesticides.

However, experts note that while the impression is that it is easy to start and run an agrovet, the business has many demands that many people fail to meet.



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